Friday, 28 September 2012

BBC - Hidden Treasure of Indian Textile Art

An origin and history of textiles always fascinates me. I found 
this documentary from my favourite canal on youtube. On this 
documentary Griff Rhys Jones (a Welsh comedian, actor and
writer) in his quest to find out if traditional art still thrives
among the indigenous people of the world and he goes to 
India in search of exquisite textiles. It was worth watching and 
gave me an interesting grasp of traditional Indian textile art.
Hope you enjoy it too!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Strip & Spot - Tessuti Award

I made this dress to my second entry for Tessuti Award. 
I was inspired by Marc Jacobs RTW 2012 collection,
which simple structural lines manipulated with parallel lines.
If you like my dress please vote on following link.
Many many thanks!!!!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Del Kathryn Barton - The Nightingale and the Rose

I heard a lot about Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton who won 
Archibald prize 2009 (Australian most prestigious art award). 
  I really adore her art work and recentlyI saw her new book inspired
 by Oscar Wild classic story The Nightingale and the Rose. Her 
exaggerated aesthetic and exceptional detailed work has given a 
contemporary feel to a classic fairytale. Del Kathryn Barton was 
teamed up with Romance was Born designers Garden of Eden 
collection in 2008. Definitely I'm going to have this book and 
also find out she is going to have an exhibition in Heide 
Museum of Modern Art on November. Can't wait to see
her original works.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Polka Dot - Lime Green to Tessuti Award

She is my lovely daughter Anushka modelling for the 
dress I made her and for the Tessuti Award. This summer's 
trend of fluro inspired me to use lime green contrasting 
with polka dot. She loves French style and chic look, so
I created this design for her taste. Anushka loves the dress
and I am so happy. If you like the dress please follow the 
 link to vote for my design. 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Cherry blossom - Pink Dress - Spring

 Finally, Spring has come to Melbourne.
I really liked this pink colour as it reminds me of cherry blossoms. I found this cherry blossom fabric for almost nothing whilst actually looking for calico.
After having this fabric for quite some time, I saw Caroline Sieber's below outfit in last month's Vogue and I loved it. At that time I was making a dress pattern for The Tessuti Award 
and so I thought I could use the pink fabric as calico for the pattern. If it came out good I'd 
finish as dress. Fortunately, it came out not bad. 
So I copied the outfit! Remember Picasso's quote 
"Good artists copy, great artists steal".