Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas

My daughter asked me to watch this fabulous documentary.
 I always think that I have to live the life until I die.  
This documentary manifest it. Therefore, I'd like to share this 
documentary to women to be inspired. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The brides maid's dress

I made these three beautiful brides maid's dresses. I tried 
to emphasise each dress to individual brides maid's body shape and style. 
After all everybody liked the dresses and were happy at 
Tahlia and Will's wedding day. I was happy to make them happy.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Shorts from black & white mood

I was really inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 RTW
black & white collection, which is bold and simple. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A muse of the month - Loafers

Christian Louboutin leopard loafers

History of Loafers - it's originally inspired by American Mocassins
 and Norwegian shoemaker introduced his first design around 1908. 
The Norwegians began selling to the rest of Europe and America. It 
first advertised in the American Esquire magazine and some photographs 
featured of Norwegian farmers in a cattle loafing area. The Spaulding
family in New Hampshire started making shoes based on this design in 
the early 1930s, naming them "loafers".

Gucci loafers

Italian designer Gucci in 1966 made the further step of adding a metal
strap across the front in the shape of horse's snaffle a bit. 

Valentino loafers

London based a bespoke shoe company Matthew
Wildsmith & Co of Duke St was established in the 1800s
who developed a penny loafers as a country house shoe for the landed 
gentry and the royal family. Their 'Wildsmith Loafer' was designed
for George VI as a casual house shoe. The shoe has subsequently nick 
named 'the Harrow' and sold other London shoe companies.

Valentino loafers