Thursday, 24 March 2016

Golden Dress

This year I decided not to buy new clothes and redesign my old 
clothes as I can possible. I haven't been sewing almost two years and 
recently I have got mood for sewing maybe because of spring is coming. 
Then I made this golden dress which was inspired by my favourite actress 
Naomi Watts dress. I used the fabric from my old Carla Zampatti's
ball dress which I have had so many years but I wore it just once. 
Unfortunately, I haven't had that old dress picture.  Hope my
new attitude will help me live happily. 


  1. I'm glad to see you back. I always found your posts inspiring. Nice interpretation of the original dress and well done for creative reuse.

    1. Thanks, Gail. Try to keep new posts despite of my busy life.

  2. So cute of golden dress that is. it is really awesome. thanks for sharing.
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