Tuesday, 27 November 2012

 Galaxy Print Dress

This astro Galaxy silk fabric was captured my eye 
immediately at Tessuti. So I couldn't resist and bought
a metre. When I come home my daughter liked it a lot and 
a few days later went to Tessuti to buy more of this,
 it was sold out. I knew, everyone see this can't resist it. 
I made a pattern raglan sleeve with pleated shoulder for 
something different. Also I used a plain grey silk fabric 
for sleeves. 


  1. I have been lurking on your blog since its inception and always admire your beautiful garments. This one is no exception. I can see why you were inspired by this beautiful fabric.

    Did you use a commercial pattern or draft your own?

  2. Wow, this dress is beautiful.

  3. Fabulous! What pattern did you use?

  4. That is lovely . The pleat in the sleeve is lovely .I went to MAD fabrics the otherday . I think I found the same brocade you used on your jacket . Very nice but not my colours . That place is so cheap!!
    Otga I wanted to tell you about a shop I have come across in Bridge Road (122) Its run by a woman called Chelo who used to run a boutique where she manufactured upmarket classic womens wear . She is selling off her stock and also ( and this is the best bit) alot of lovely fabric which is very good quality .I got some lovely pure wool boucle and also silk and silk linen mixes. Some of the fabrics are quite retro .Hope you get there Sher isnt always open but tends to be in the late morning and around lunch time .

    1. Hi Mem,
      How good is this social networking which we share our knowledge. I agree with you that place is dangerously cheap.
      Next few days I'll go there to have a look. I'd love to discover new places.

      Thanks for your sharing.

  5. Such an amazing dress! It looks perfectly sewn and perfect on you.