Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Forest green & midnight blue dress

Last week I had a pretty bad back pain and almost
whole week I was in bed. While I was having lunch,
I saw a Spotlight Easter Sale ad on tv and that day 
was the last day of sale. After lunch I dressed up and told 
to my husband I'm going to Spotlight. (Because I had seen 
some fabrics at Spotlight a few weeks ago and I was afraid 
that during the sale, the fabric would be gone). My husband 
exclaimed, "Are you crazy? Before lunch you were
immobilized now a totally healthy person go to shopping.
 Have you really got back pain?" Although I had still in 
pain, stubbornly I went to Spotlight and got this beautiful
 forest green and midnight blue crepe fabric. I used my
 simple dress pattern but played around a little bit. I think 
it was worth the physical suffering for this fabulous dress.


  1. Really, REALLY love this! Such a simple pattern but it's so striking and architectural with the colour blocking.

    1. Thanks, Heather.
      I found out that you're Canadian or live in Quebec. I am just curious to know how is fabric shopping in Canada?

  2. This is beautiful. The line between the top and bottom is perfect on you, and that green is delicious.

    1. Thanks, Amy. I assume that you're a fabric enthusiast like me. I'm just wondering how is fabric shopping around Minneapolis?

  3. Beautiful dress. I love the color blocking and the unusual shaping of the design seams.

  4. Lovely - the colours and the curve,

  5. You've really made colour blocking work for you. Fabulous!