Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Mondrian jersey dress 

Piet Mondrian "Composition II in Red" 1930.

"Mondrian" Day dress 1965, Yves Saint Laurent 
inspired by Piet Modrian.

Prada 2011 RTW inspired by Saint Laurent 
and Piet Mondrian.
I like the Mondrian colour block and always 
wanted to have a dress with Mondrian canvas.
 Yet I haven't got opportunity to own it until now. 
Recently, I found this orange Mondrian jersey at 
Tessuti and bought this Fendi Fall 2011 shoes. I thought 
the shoes match well with the Mondrian dress. I want to 
say thank you to Tessuti, which gave me this chance. 
I have made a few mistakes while making this dress. 
The important thing is if you make the Mondrian dress 
with sleeves you should buy a plenty of fabrics to 
match the bodice and sleeves print.