Monday, 23 July 2012

Green & orange 

Last week I went to Tessuti for hunting fabrics as usual.
There I found out that Tessuti has an annual dressmaking 
competition to support and encourage creative customers. 
This year's category is Strips & Spots. So, I've got this beautiful
 draping rayon cotton strip fabric in leftover's box (everything in 
that box was half price but limited quantity). Originally I thought 
could make a dress enter the competition, unfortunately the fabric
 wasn't enough for the dress. By chance, the fabric was matching 
perfectly with this pants fabric by texture and colour which 
I've bought from Spotlight a month ago. For the pants I used
 McCall's pattern M6403 and for the top simple bodice pattern 
as shown below picture. By the way, I made the bottons using 
the fabric and it was fun to do it. I'll tell you in my next post 
about my pattern making experience. 


  1. Love LOVE this. You have such a unique and sophisticated eye - I really love seeing what you come up with. The colour story here is inspired and those pants fit you like a dream.

    1. Thanks Heather, sorry I didn't know your comment was waiting for pending. You see I'm a novice blogger yet getting better.

  2. Great colours! Good luck for the competition.

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    1. Thank you my girl, I couldn't do it without our support.