Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Style Icon - Jacqueline de Ribes

I bought an album book called 'Style File'. Flipping through the pages
 I really like this lady Countess Jacqueline de Ribes and her style 
philosophy is "Less is more. But if more, then spectacular". 
So I did some research on internet about her then I found this
 fabulous pictures and an essay "The Last Queen of Paris"
 was written by Amy Collins on Vanity Fair. 

She made her entrance into the world on Bastille Day 1929, 
oldest child of the Count and Countess Jean de Beaumont.

Jacqueline and her husband Adourd, now 87 years old. 

She said "We love each other however we agree we need
independence. Sixty-two years with the same man is not 
so easy! It's marvelous when you manage to make it work. 
There are so many different ways of loving. How can you 
know someone is the best if you cannot compare? The french
attitude of marriage, couples, love is complex".

She is wearing a jewelled head headpiece of Sarah Bernhard's, 
a gift from George De Cuevas. Jacqueline also owns  a pair of 
and a belt of Marie Antoinette's.
During her visit in New York she met Diana Vreeland, then fashion 
editor of Harper's Bazaar. As her recall "Diana Vreeland said to her,
 'We'd like Avedon to take your photo tomorrow'. The next day I went
to the hairdresser. I got false eyelashes, curled my hair. When I 
showed up at the studio, Diana said, 'I want you to be how you were 
yesterday! She peeled off the eyelashes, combed out my hair. And 
she made me a braid. Diana Vreeland helped me be authentic. She 
taught me confidence. And the picture became famous."

Shortly after her 53rd birthday, on July 18, 1982, Jacqueline called a family meeting that had been a long time in coming. She informed her husband and her children that she was going into business as a fashion designer, and there was nothing anyone could say or do to stop her.

Starting at nine o'clock on the evening of her Legion of Honor ceremony last April, Jacqueline, dressed in an embroidered Ungaro vest, Armani pants, and a blouse from her own label (she is often credited with being the first to mix designers), hosts a candlelit buffet dinner for 90 at her house.  Jacqueline de Ribes shows off to full advantage not only her lithe, erect figure, the prowess of her chef, and her deft ability to mingle prominent people of varying generations and backgrounds.

She also puts on display her conversational skills. "Her beautiful and original phrasing, her rich vocabulary, her very correct way of speaking are all part of what the French call ' la forme, '" says Nicolas Dadeshkeliani. "She epitomizes everything that is remarkable in France savoir faire and l'art de vivre the arts of knowing and of living, and she is the last one."

Source: Vanity Fair articles. www.accessmylibrary.com

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