Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Black & White - mood at the moment


  1. Hello Otga , I have actually done some pattern making at The Melbourne School of Fashion when it was still in Fitzroy. I can do the basics but it would be great to start doing really creative stuff and also doing draping. Did you learn draping and does your teacher do it? Mem

    1. Hey Mem, I learnt the basics same as you but I use the books called " Pattern making for fashion design" and " Draping for appeal design" by Helen Armstrong for my pattern making development. It is not great but good for fundamental and technical understanding of pattern making. Honestly, I just play around while using the books and that way works for me. I think you frist borrow it from state library or Fashion school library. Because it's a bit pricy books. If it works for you then you can buy it from Amazon.
      I'm glad you're doing the pattern making. We don't know unless we try it. Hope it works for you.

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