Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A wonderful new year - Summer Silk Top

I have been spoiled during this Christmas. I should thanks for
my lovely husband and daughter. First thing I did on Boxing Day, of
course went to Tessuti Sale. I bought 6 different silks: black, white,
biege, floral, graphic...etc. I just realised that how pleasure to sew with
 a quality fabric. Those two tops are my first products of this new year. 

Wishing you have a wonderful year in 2013!!!


  1. I agree totally regarding quality fabric. I don't like to waste my precious sewing time on poor fabric. Your tops look lovely and stylish. Do you draft your own patterns or was this a commercial pattern?

  2. Thanks girls,

    Jen, it's my own pattern which I was used a basic bodice.

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